The Alchemist Super Video 2.1XL

"The 8-bit Alchemist", Atari Classics Vol. 2 No. 6 December 1993

From the pen of AC's "occasional columnist" Ben Poehland comes the final, gutwrenching word on cleaning up video problems in all the XL-series computers, as The Alchemist brutally reveals the scandalous acts of the Sunnyvale Butchers. Clean video at last for the 600XL, 800XL and the 1200XL owners!

  Intro: An Old Project

  Super Video 2.0 for the 800XL

  Super Video 2.1 for the 800XL   NOTE: Do the 2.0 upgrade first.

  Super Video 2.1a for the 800XL   What it really should look like.

  Super Video 2.1 for the 600XL

  Super Video 2.1 For The 1200XL    NOTE: Also check the 1200XL ClearPic Mod.

  Monitors & Wrap-up

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